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Javascript Example

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun is an audio visualization program.

Click here to view!

Branded cards for Entrusted Planning

entrusted Planning Quadrant Graphic

ENtrusted Planning Values map

Custom CLIENT deliverable

360 Video

View on YouTube for full immersion!

A 360 environment created to explore empathy for an inanimate object in my Arts and Health class.

I explored Utah to find unique locations for my 360 video independent study. This is one of the shots I collected.

Game pitch deck

I'd love to do a project like this again. This was the final product of a team project made for my writing for new media class. I did most of the design work, as well as lead brainstorming sessions for the content.

Pre-production packet

pre-existing Commercial
case study

stress and coping

In this final project for my Arts and Health class, I explored stress and coping through a turkey and a camera.

Pitch for a public interactive media arts instillation

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